Our creative design service team create visual identities and develop brand strategies for all SMEs and drinks companies worldwide. #happyaslarry

Creative ideas are at the forefront of everything we do.

Our creative service begins with looking closely at you, your business and your customers. It’s how we work out exactly what your business strategy is.

We then produce a series of creative designs providing everything you need to keep your business in the public domain with everything from your branding and identity, through your promotional literature, your website design and ultimately your advertising and promotional work. This leads to creative design work that’s powerful, engaging, and inspirational on every level, and we handle everything from initial design to printing and delivery, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

We can provide everything you need to keep your business in the public domain by creating a full set of promotional literature that ties in with your company branding and identity.

  • We take care of it all from the initial concepts through to print production.
  • We provide everything from your branding and maintain its identity with brand guidelines, logo design, brochure design, illustrations through your promotional literature, your website design and ultimately your advertising and promotional work.
  • Long and short print runs, distributed worldwide.

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Your branding is much more than the name or images used to represent your company. Of course, all brands need a logo, a colour pallete, a slogan and an associated URL, but that’s not what your brand is. Your branding is the personality of your product, service, and company. It brings about various feelings when your customers interact with it or thinks about it, ultimately leaving a lasting impression on them. A good brand maintains positive feelings and results in loyal customers. Simply put, your brand is your pledge, your assurance, and your commitment to your customers. It tells them what they can expect from your company, and it differentiates the services your company offers from that of your competitors. Get your branding right and you can establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

Brand Guidelines

Keeping your brand consistent and regulated is essential for the image and identity of your business. We can create brand guidelines to ensure that no matter where your logo appears, people know how it should be displayed, formatted and coloured. Your brand guidelines should be issued to staff, management and any external company that does work for you, so they are in no doubt of your brand’s rules and regulations on usage and display. It applies to all your marketing material and brand messages and should be strictly adhered to. These range from signs, advertising, website and promotions through to how your staff communicate the message via uniforms and correspondence.

Commercial Illustrations

From landscapes to characters through to book covers, our illustrators can produce beautiful, creative illustrations that really bring your ideas to life.

Logo Design

A logo should be simple, memorable, versatile, and timeless. A unique, eye-catching and creative logo design will have a positive impact on your customers and suppliers and build a memorable and positive business identity.

A unique approach to your logo design and corporate identity starts with finding out about you, your business and how it works. Only by doing this can we create a unique logo that is relevant to your business and stands out from your competitors.

A logo design by LemonTop serves as the single, identifiable element that allows customers to discover, share and remember your business and what you do.

arron stoutt, director