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Meet the team that can help your business grow.

Andy Mogg
Andy MoggDigital Director
Andy’s time is shared between his duties as Digital Director, building engaging and creative websites, and his role as the contact to our brewery clients, bringing in new business and managing our existing brewery workflow. This side of his work is his passion and he has a reputation as one of the country’s foremost beer bloggers. His knowledge of social media will help you communicate to a whole new digital audience which is key to boosting your business profile and internet presence. His other passion is the great outdoors, and he can often be found walking across the Yorkshire Moors or running through the streets of Redcar. He has completed several high profile half marathons, and spends any spare time growing chillies and cooking for his family. Follow Andy using #fatblokerunning
Steve Gill
Steve GillTechnical Director
Steve has worked within a creative agency environment for over 20 years. His previous role as a design and production manager has been eclipsed by his passion for the technical side of marketing and advertising. As Technical Director Steve oversees all manner of digital marketing from e-Commerce to Social Media advertising. Steve still relishes in the creative thought processes needed to promote both LemonTop and our clients businesses, but he is more at home looking to future trends and applying this knowledge to the work we do, as well as our workplace. Steve’s family are all grown up now so, outside of work, he now concentrates on his running and has a friendly rivalry with Andy to be LemonTop’s top half marathon runner.
Arron Stoutt
Arron StouttCreative Director
Creativity is being able to take an idea, however small, and turn it into a practical, working solution. This is where Arron excels. He has the ability to perceive a business in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections and to generate solutions. Arron is always looking for new and innovative ideas, technology and applications to help with the creative process but is equally at home with a traditional sketchpad and pencil. With over 20 years agency experience, he will create promotional and marketing ideas for your business and turn them into reality with stunning designs. In his spare time, when not spending it with his family, he enjoys life on 2 wheels, riding and building motorbikes and keeping fit by cycling.
Terry Kneeshaw
Terry KneeshawDevelopment Director
Terry is a serious marketing and advertising professional with over 35 years of business ownership and client relations in his portfolio. Starting his working life on sketchbook and drawing board, Terry now works with what he calls his ‘new box of marketing toys’ – the internet and e-commerce. Terry has built a vast knowledge of how the business world operates in a whole variety of different sectors. He still genuinely thrives on meeting business people and using his creativity to help businesses grow. Terry’s family have now flown the nest so he spends his leisure time watching his two sons excelling as professional sportsmen, dancing at Northern Soul events, and painting to an extremely high standard.
Owen Smith
Owen SmithBrand Director
Owen is a passionate and conscientious young designer who prides himself on producing smart and original design solutions for our clients, with a natural flair and enthusiasm. He believes every project has the potential to be amazing and that the work he does for you in the studio must be a reflection of that ambition. Owen is a voracious reader and when he isn’t in the studio you’ll likely find him between the pages of a good book, listening to podcasts, or enjoying a beer with friends.
Jake Gardner
Jake GardnerDeveloper
Jake joined LemonTop as a JavaScript specialist but has found new and innovative ways to interpret e-Commere and website coding. He has an exceptional eye for detail and problem solving. Jake understands that every job is unique and does his utmost to design websites to the client’s exact specifications. He enjoys building and creating things in an online environment where, as he says, anything is possible. When not in front of a client’s website, Jake evenings are spent in the gym building his fitness or in a textbook building his knowledge of the web design industry.