Langton brewery Brand Development

showcasing: brand development • creative design • illustration • typography

Langton Brewery approached LemonTop after deciding to create a range of 330ml beer bottle designs to add to their existing craft beer cask and keg ranges.

They already had a successful range of 500ml beer bottles but asked us to create a fresh, new look for their 330ml range, as well as accompanying point of sale and promotional material. 

They wanted this new craft beer brand identity to be bold and bright, capturing the essence of the beautiful Leicestershire countryside that they had made their home since 2005.

Langtons wanted to stick to their local values and stay true to their roots. The short-term aim was to supply local pubs, restaurants, hotels and farm shops.

However, Langtons also had ambitions to sell these craft beer bottles throughout the UK, as the popularity of their beers continues to grow, the brand design would need to appeal to a much wider audience.

We would have to create something that sparked people’s interest and imagination, whilst also being different and unique. They had to stand out against the other 330ml beer bottle designs they would be competing against.

It was somewhat of a challenge to create a modern and contemporary theme that would tie in with the traditional values of their community, but Langtons knew they would have to be brave in their branding to achieve their aims.

As the trend towards more artisan craft beers continues, especially among younger drinkers, the hand-crafted elements of the beer-making process were something we thought should be emphasised if we were to target a public who was becoming bored with mainstream drinks.

This allowed us to create a modern brand identity that seamlessly blended with the traditional values of the brewery and its existing customers.

Langton Brewery now has a beautifully illustrated range of 330ml bottled beers that combine a modern look with a traditional hand-crafted feel.

Appealing to seasoned craft beer connoisseurs and those just starting out on their craft beer journey, these 330ml beer bottle designs are a breath of fresh air in the brewing industry.

They show what can be achieved if you think a little more creatively and are brave enough to steer away from “the norm”.