Quantock Brewery core range with Geometric theme

A geometric theme to a beautifully flexible brand.

Discover the innovative designs and bold colours of Quantock Brewery's new range of beers, featuring eye-catching geometric themes.

Wills Neck Keg Badge Quantock Brewery Core Range
Quantock Brewery Core Range
Quantock Brewery Core Range



Quantock Brewery has been working on a new range of contemporary beers and asked us to create a completely fresh, new brand identity and innovative designs for their new, innovative beers. The Quantock team wanted something bright and colourful to highlight the mix of different tastes they were blending into the new beers. The typography had to be carefully considered to match the beers Quantock had created. No big text shouting out to the customer, just eye-catching geometric designs portraying the flavours and aromas of these radical new recipes.

Typographically, we kept things simple, purely to let the bright, bold colours and patterns speak for themselves, but still being a recognisable part of Quantock’s design history. The design of the core range was created specifically with flexibiltiy in mind, owing to the fact that Quantock have a full programme of specials and collaborations throughout the year. We realised that to accomodate these beers we needed to create a flexible brand identity that could morph and change depending on the beer, but still remain consistent in its look and feel. When producing the designs for these special beers, the colours typefaces and icons all work together to produce the Quantock look and feel without being rigidly constrained to the core beer brand.

Quantock Brewery core range with Geometric theme
Quantock Brewery core range with Geometric theme
Quantock Brewery core range with Geometric theme

Quantock are excited to have a flexible brand identity that speaks on a personal level and appeals to everybody in the industry. It creates an emotional connection with customers old and new, as well as the many visitors and tourists they have the pleasure to meet throughout the year.

From the beautiful imagery we had created, we went on to create an engaging and inspiring visual communication system, with everything from website and ecommerce, through to social media and printed promotional literature.

Our flexible brand identity has brought the depth of Quantock’s history to the forefront of people’s imaginations, creating a beautifully simple yet hugely captivating series of beer can designs.

To see or purchase this range of beers please visit their website.

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