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Promote your products & services with eye-catching exhibition stand designs, curved pop up displays, pull up banners & shell schemes. #happyaslarry

Exhibition stands are invaluable for tradeshows, exhibitions & events

exhibition stand design, exhibition stand, planning for an exhibition

There is no better place to create a buzz about your business than a trade show with an eye-catching exhibition stand design. In this new digital age, many people are losing sight of the real value of personal interactions but attending trade shows and exhibitions continues to be popular. These trade shows and exhibitions are where your customers and prospects can meet your team and really get to know your business. They allow you to interact with people on a much more personal level and let them experience your brand, as well as what your business offers, first-hand. The way to ensure you stand out and are noticed at these shows is with a personalised exhibition stand.

exhibition stand design, exhibition stand, planning for an exhibition
4T's Brewery Brewery Case Study Characters, exhibition stand design

The benefits of having a exhibition stand design that stands out.

4T's Brewery Brewery Case Study Characters, exhibition stand design

An exhibition stand showcases your brand and helps you stand out in a sea of competitors. No matter where you are, an exhibition stand is the perfect platform to uniquely and creatively highlight who you are and what you do. It can define what you offer and become a portal of discovery where attendees can learn all about your business.

Your exhibition stand gives you a great base to interact personally with prospects. Nothing forms relationships as well as an engaging and meaningful conversation. Wherever you are, your exhibition stand is the perfect place for holding face to face discussions, meeting new prospects and starting to build relationships.

Live demonstrations, interactive technology and hands-on activities all provide opportunities for entertaining interactions with prospective customers. Your exhibition stand can be the central hub that provides a highly memorable experience.

KHS Exhibition Stand

How we can help you with your exhibition stand design

KHS Exhibition Stand

We can help you have a successful event by ensuring your exhibition stand showcases your brand and helps you stand out from your competitors. We’ll make sure the design aligns with your brand identity, highlights what you offer, and helps you achieve your objectives. We’ll plan and design your stand from an attendees perspective by anticipating what they want from you and make sure you have all the resources you need to answer prospective clients questions. We can create a highly personalised exhibition stand design that can be easily transported and used multiple times. This will allow you to spread your brand message to any location and gain all the exposure you need.

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Whether you need a refreshing change, or you just want to heat things up a little, our services can help your brand stand out from the competition. We are always happy to talk to you about your project, offer advice and provide free estimates.

We are a hands on, accessible team that you can contact anytime. If you would like to find out how we can help, give us a call on 01642 969222.

We are flexible on how you can contact us. If you prefer face to face meetings, that’s great. If you would rather have virtual meetings over Zoom or Teams then we are happy to book these in.

Alternatively you can email us at hello@lemontopcreative.com or click the ‘Got a project? Let’s talk…’ button below.

personalised drinks, personalised beers
Dancing Duck Brewery
Can't recommend Lemontop enough. We initially started working with them for some new bar runner designs and what they came up with was brilliant, everyone loves them. They also built our website which I am really pleased with, however when they really came into their own though was over lockdown. They had set us up a shop on the website which we had never got up and running, when the pubs closed I needed it active "yesterday". They worked with us so quickly to get it operational, constantly making tweaks for us to get it perfect, they quite simply were my lockdown life saver. They are nice guys, professional and easy to work with
Read the case study. or Visit the website.
LemonTop Creative were professional, patient, knowledgeable and responsive during the build of our new website. If you’re a busy brewer needing someone who understands that, Andy and LemonTop are the designers for you.
Newcastle Gin
“LemonTop were a pleasure to work to deal with. They made a complex process simple. The results were effective, to the point, and swiftly delivered. I would highly recommend them and we will use them again for any future work”
Purity Brewing
“Thank you for all your help creating our new website...it looks spot on! We’re really happy with how it’s come to life.”
Little Ox
“Our new brand has landed! Thanks, LemonTop! (The feedback we’ve had on social media has also been excellent!”
Urban Island
“We’d seen what LemonTop had done for other breweries throughout the UK and wanted our brand, bottles, and promotional material to have that unique LemonTop flavour. We’re thrilled with our new brand.”
4T’s Brewery
“Massive thanks to LemonTop for the great work they do. Anyone looking for fresh, quirky designs, share your ideas with these guys and they will do the rest!”
Fallen Brewing Co
I’m really happy with the branding and design work from LemonTop Creative. I gave them a brief at the start of the project and the end result was even better than I hoped. Andy and Arron were great to work with; very professional, responsive and patient. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

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