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A great label design stands out on the shelf and sells your beer

Thanks to the increase in popularity of microbreweries the packaging for bottled and canned beers has become a new canvas for LemonTop’s designers and illustrators to work their magic. However this increase means all breweries, large or small need to do a lot more to make sure their product stands out from their competitors.

As a brewer, you can rely on LemonTop to ensure the branding of your products really stand out in a saturated marketplace, with some extremely creative and unique designs for your customers to enjoy. LemonTop bottle labels and packaging designs are full of character, with the kinds of creative typography and unique illustrations you just don’t see on many mainstream brands.

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Take a look at some of the labels we’ve designed.

    Bramley Swiggins - Real Cider Co
    Phil from the Real Cider Company asked us to come up with a brand design for their new cider "Bramley Swiggins" which was to be released to celebrate a...
  • Brentwood Brewery Van kannor beer label design
    Brentwood Brewery - Van Kannor
    After completing a successful rebrand of the Brentwood Pump clips they asked us to design a label for their special edition champagne beer.We produced seperate front and back labels...
    Hardknott Brewery
    Hardknott are a Cumbrian based Brewery whose aim is to make beer that is delicious and different. Perhaps beer to challenge the drinker's perceptions of drinking. They asked us...
  • Purple Moose Beer Box Design
    Purple Moose Brewery
    Purple Moose are celebrating their 10th anniversary and asked LemonTop to design a new special label for the beer they had brewed to commemorate it.We knew they wanted to...