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Merchandise can be creative as well as functional.

Whether it’s to promote your brewery or as an extra revenue stream well designed Point of Sale (POS) and Merchandise can make a big difference.

Over the years LemonTop have built up a wide network of suppliers for everything from t-shirts to glassware, bar runners and beer mats to gazeebos and everything inbetween.

Whether you need a simple table talker design or advice on a glass to give to pubs we can design and source everything you need to promote your brewery or sell to your fans.

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Take a look at some of the merchandise we’ve designed

  • Otherton Ales Creative Logo Design
    Otherton Ales
    Birmingham based cuckoo brewers Otherton Ales asked us to design them a logo that they could use on their...
  • Truefitt Pump Clip design
    Truefitt Brewing Company
    Brewers of fine cask ales and stouts, TrueFitt Brewery wanted a distinctive and different look to the traditional brewery...
    Hardknott Brewery
    Hardknott are a Cumbrian based Brewery whose aim is to make beer that is delicious and different. Perhaps beer...
    Bramley Swiggins - Real Cider Co
    Phil from the Real Cider Company asked us to come up with a brand design for their new cider...