The Herbal Gin Company Branding

Our team of spirit branding experts have been working with The Herbal Gin Company on their new gin range some of which are infused with CBD.

We have all heard of the medicinal properties of CBD over the past few months, so we were quite intrigued by the concept they put forward. 

They asked us a specialist in bottle branding to create the logo and brand identity for their company along with a range of labels for these new gins, which would come in a range of exciting new flavours.  

We had a little fun with the look of the product, creating the idea of a unique infusion graphic as the background of the label, making it look as though the flavour was being infused into the gin. We even went as far as creating a video to use on the website and social media showing the infusion taking place. 

We then created a different colour for each flavour of gin to make it was eye-catching enough to stand out on any bar or shelf but also allowing us to create a new design for any new gins introduced into the range in the future.

After creating the new brand identity, one of the first things we had to do was choose a bottle shape that suited the product.

The client was keen on the bottle having a medicinal theme to it. Being infused with CBD and playing on the medicinal properties of the gin, we chose a style of bottle inspired vintage style Victorian medicine bottles.

They chose the clear version of the bottle as it gave a modern, creative and unique look. Using these meant customers and bar tenders could instantly see how much gin was left in the bottle, as some opaque bottles can be quite make stocktaking difficult.

We created various designs and videos that suited their CBD and non-CBD gins. There are 16 different gins to choose from, with 8 different flavours in CBD infused and non-CBD infused versions, including Smoked Orange, Rhubarb & Ginger and Mediterranean Lemon.

We needed a creative way to tell the difference between the CBD and non-CBD version, and thought simplicity was key to this. So opted for a version of the logo where a dot replaced the leaf for the non-CBD products.

We then created some simple watchstrap style tamper proof labels to go over the top of the bottles.

The non-CBD version has dots running through the watchstrap and the CBD version has a leaf icon running through them. Simple but extremely effective.

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It has been an absolute pleasure working with The Herbal Gin Company. All of their hard work has finally come to fruition and we can’t wait for customers to start trying these new, experimental Gins.

If you’d like us to give your spirits branding the LemonTop Twist then contact us today.

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