LemonTop Gin - The Challenge:

It was from the feelings at the end of a day spent together, and the relaxed, contented atmosphere of a warm summer evening that the idea of LemonTop Gin was dreamed up and the concept brought to life. Our vision was to create a gin that lets us, for just that fleeting moment, becomes lost in treasured memories and recapture emotions of those wonderful days when we walked barefoot on the beach without a care in the world, where time seemed to stand still and we became caught up in the perfect moment. We talked long into the night about creating a drink that would encapsulate the sights, sounds and emotions we had experienced. We knew, for it to do this, it had to capture the essence of our favourite ice cream. There’s nothing more revitalising than the sounds, the smells and the tastes of our glorious British coastline, and there’s nothing more refreshing than the essence of a LemonTop Ice Cream in your glass. 

The Solution:

Gin has become as synonymous with English tradition as fish and chips and a cup of tea. The LemonTop ice cream has become synonymous with the beauty of the North East coastline. Marrying the two together evoked our memories of hot, sunny holidays, walking on the beach without a care in the world. The zesty taste of a LemonTop ice cream would heighten the senses and was usually the climax of a wonderfully memorable day. We’ve captured the essence of these glorious days in our LemonTop Gin to remind people about the beautiful North East coastline and create a taste for more just like a LemonTop ice cream did for us on those glorious summer days.


From the very beginning, we agreed with each other that there would be no compromise with LemonTop Gin, with the flavour and the quality of everything we produce always being of the utmost importance. For our gin to be the very best, we knew only the best naturally sourced ingredients would do. We tried a variety of different Lemon’s from around the world, experimenting with flavours and ingredients to create a gin that would do justice to the most discerning drinkers and would become one of the finest spirits available.

The Results

After many years creating brands for breweries and designs for distilleries, we are proud to say we have now created our very own LemonTop Gin. It was great to think we could have our own brand of drink out amongst the many brands we have created over the years. After working with some of the most creative brewers and distillers throughout the UK, we knew we had many friends and associates to lend a hand, offer advice and even just show their support to what we were doing. It took a lot of trial and error in getting the flavour just right, many hours and late nights perfecting the brand, and countless coffee-fuelledcoffee fuelled meetings, but we’re finally there and we have something we are all extremely proud of.

Why not order your nostalgic taste of the seaside today.