The Challenge

Salt Steel Brewing Co are passionate about growing the craft culture. The brewery has roots that stretch from the salt mines of Cheshire to the steel mills of Teesside, and beyond. A beer born from the lands of industrialism. They wanted a beer label design that portrayed their beers as strong as any industrial structure and as different as all the people that make our communities great. Salt Steel wanted creative designs that showed they stand proud with their craft beer brothers and sisters who were joining the fight against bland commercial beer. At Salt Steel their passion is people and beer. Amazing people have amazing stories. We needed to tell those stories through our designs. 

The Solution

We took the design of the cans away from overused modern trends and back to the industrial roots of Teesside to appeal to the traditional blue collar craft beer drinker. We created can designs that would target the industrial heart of the area and become known as the perfect afterwork thirst quencher. We used a strong, bold typographical element to give the cans a powerful stance when standing on the shelf or bar. The industrialised colours and patterns are a true reflection of the brewery’s bold tone of voice and blue-collar brand, reflecting the roots of Salt Steel Brewery. 

The Result

We produced a range of instantly eye-catching designs that were immediately appealing and dramatically striking. The designs are unique, bold, quirky and true to the industrial heritage and roots of Salt Steel Brewery. The industrialised colours and patterns that make up these designs have captured the essence and underlying character of the new beers they were holding. A strong, bold typographical element gives the cans a powerful stance when standing on the shelf or bar, portraying a brand that is steeped in industrial history. 

Portraying the industrial history behind a brewery brand.

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