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For over 20 years Excelpoint has been at the heart of some of the most innovative software in the technology industry. The work and creativity they have put into their software and systems has paid dividends as its revolutionary “no-code” software system powers the processes of major brands worldwide, helping them to digitally transform their business and become more efficient and profitable. 

The software replaces your workflow and business processes, eliminating the need for paper, spreadsheets and multiple inputs across numerous systems to help you streamline the way you manage people, systems and information. This software allows businesses to streamline processes, increase productivity and realise savings.

The management team were really quite proud of what they had achieved but they knew such a powerful and advanced system needed a powerful brand identity if they were to realise the full potential of the software. While their current brand had served them well and they had become one of the most recognised software companies in the area, it did not portray the corporate company they had now become. Time for a change.

The Solution:

We knew a simple straight-forward approach wouldn’t quite cut it in the hugely competitive world Excelpoint work in. We needed to unleash all of our creative juices and create something unique and memorable if Excelpoint were to stand out. The brand needed to show how different and unique the “no-code” software was, while at the same time portraying the ease of use and adaptability of the Excelpoint system. 

With the prospect of creating a whole new brand identity in front of us we needed a plan. We started to generate a strategy that would deliver a consistent identity that would unify the brand, as well as the marketing and promotional material, and communicate the Excelpoint message, transforming and fine-tuning the way people think about the business. Everything from logo design, typography, images and even tone of voice was planned down to the finest detail. 


Technology is changing and evolving…rapidly. Excelpoint were facing a whole new world of online systems, machine intelligence, and empowered customers. The management team at Excelpoint realised they needed a new, future-facing version of Excelpoint. 

At LemonTop we always look at a brand as something that lives and grows. As the target audience responds to it, the brand becomes an ever-changing entity, growing and merging with its environment. The Excelpoint re-brand project was like the shedding of an old skin, turning the company into a new and rejunivated version of itself. We have developed a brand that has allowed Excelpoint to build and maintain a clear, consistent and successful visual identity. 

The Results

The new brand has given Excelpoint all the tools they need to stay one step ahead of their competitors. One of their main goals now is to place a high priority on developing and maintaining a consistent brand image in order to reinforce their position as an industry leader. More than a simple badge, their new brand embodies the communication, status, values and quality encapsulated in everything they produce.  

LemonTop are proud to say that we rose to the challenge of developing a new, future-facing version of Excelpoint. By putting our creative ideas into action, we initiated a transformation that created a fresh brand identity and a brand new vision for the future of Excelpoint. 

Visit their website to see the brand.

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