Quantock Brewery craft beers Somerset’s finest

Quantock wanted to promote their range of beers and ciders to the younger market who were becoming bored with mainstream drinks and were being drawn into the craft brewery sector.

Loyal Customer Base

Quantock were already well known for their range of traditional style beers as well as their traditional Somerset craft cider, Copper Knob, which had been made specially for Quantock Brewery by neighbouring Harry’s Cider Company. They had established a loyal customer base because of the beautifully balanced fruity flavours and the slightly bitter aftertaste, a traditional characteristic of West Country ales. We had to take care not to alienate the existing customers when designing the new brand and engaging promotional literature.

Modern Range

We had already produced bottle labels and promotional literature for the new Copper Knob cider, giving it its own distinctive look, so Quantock was really keen to explore how this new style could be used as part of the new brand identity. We initially redesigned the pump clips and keg fonts for the new ‘Modern Range’ of beers before it was agreed to roll it out onto the entire range, and eventually updated the ‘Traditional Range’ of core beers. We then transferred the style onto the full range of corporate and promotional material, including press advertising and a modern new website.