Putting the Fun into 4T's Brewery

The benefits of unique illustrations are seemingly endless. Bespoke illustrations can convert any concept into an exciting visual, bringing your ideas to life and adding unique personality to your brand. Illustrations are more original and more effective than stock imagery- they help you stand out from the crowd.

Initially, 4T’s approached us with a modest request. They wanted some illustrated beer bottle labels making up based on their existing pump clip designs. But after chatting with them for a short time it became clear to us that the brewery had big ambitions, and we wanted to help them craft a brand as bold as their beer. So, after exceeding their expectations with our handling of those first few projects, we got to work in earnest with them on putting the fun into the 4T’s brand.

4T’s had an unabashedly bold logo that they wanted to retain, so we set out to make their brand’s personality shine through with the help of some wildly original cartoons. Thoroughly Inspired by 4T’s audacious sense of humour, we turned our hand to a series of larger-than-life character designs, providing 4T’s with an eye-catching mascot for every one of their brews.

We worked closely with the 4T’s brewers every step of the way. After all, it was their wonderfully madcap ideas we were bringing into fruition, and we wanted 4T’s to be able to take ownership of their creations, and to genuinely enjoy the process of seeing their ideas spring to life.

Each illustration was expertly finished with chunky inkwork and a brilliantly boisterous colour palette, but even our initial sketches put cartoonish grins on the faces of our designers and the 4T’s brewers alike. This alone was a sure sign that we were hitting the mark; we often advise our clients that, If their creative strategy is based on humour, it will enhance recall and purchase intention. 4T’s is a brand that stands for beer and belly laughs in equal measure, so we set out to bring the funny – with ‘disco dancing mangos’ and ‘trilby wearing chocolate bars’ on our side, the odds were stacked in our favour.

4T’s are now captivating beer drinkers with an eye-popping collection of original characters. The beers are receiving high praise for their new look from their existing drinkers, but also from newcomers to the brand. 4T’s has taken on an in-your-face exuberance that’s impossible to ignore – big grins and burly forearms grace their bar fronts and van sides, as well as everything in between…right down to their beer mats and bar runners, and the characters look very at home on the new website we’ve developed for 4T’s Brewery.

Would bespoke illustration breathe new life into your brand, too? Our talented in-house illustrators can take on any illustrative style and deliver it with flair and precision, with a wealth of design experience and commercial understanding at their disposal. They are poised, pencils at the ready, waiting to discuss your project.

What our customers say…

Working with Andy and the team has been great since day one! We send in our ideas about what we’d like the image to look like and every time they manage to smash it out of the park. We had a few issues with our web shop and no matter what time of day the issue is sorted within minutes! Fast and reliable.
Jordan Millington