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The artist and the coffee shop

Every once in a while we hear a story that we take on board as a gem of wisdom, and it’s always great to hear one which is based on the advertising industry. “The Artist and the Coffee Shop” is one of those stories that always sticks in my mind so I decided to share it and hope it brings a smile to your face and a little enlightenment about how creative advertising can help you rise above your competitors.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

Upon retirement, a man uses his life savings to open a shop on a busy high street. Over the last few years of his working life, in his spare time, he has become quite an accomplished artist so decides to create a coffee shop where customers can view and buy his paintings. As the weeks go by, the shop has a steady stream of customers and the man settles down to his new and relaxed lifestyle.

On arriving at the shop one day, he notices the premises to the left is under new management. A few days later he notices a big bright sign going above the door. It’s another coffee shop. A bigger and better coffee shop than his. He walks home that night, slightly downhearted, but determined to still keep his premises open.

On arriving at the shop the following day he notices the premises to the right is also under new management. A few days later he notices a big bright sign going above the door. It’s another artist’s shop. The man walks home that night disconsolately, wondering what he can do to save his business, with a bigger, better coffee shop to his left and a bigger, better artist’s shop to his right.

On arriving at the shop the next day, the man looked at the sign above his door as a big smile spread across his face. During the night his loving wife had installed a new sign. Between the big, bright coffee shop sign and the big, bright artist’s shop sign, the sign above the man’s shop now read…Entrance.

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