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Why you need to blog about your business

Why you need to blog about your business

Sometimes your website can seem stale and uninteresting, especially if you haven’t changed the content that visitors see on a regular basis. However, it’s not always easy to change your homepage if it explains who you are and what your business can offer. This is why you need to blog about your business.

Be found by search engines

Even though you have a lot of pages on your website, the static information about your business, what you do etc. may not be enough for potential customers to find you when searching for a service or product. Every post you create on your blog turns into another page that will be indexed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. The more pages you have, the better chance you have of being found by people searching on the web, especially if your posts have useful and relevant content. You should use your blog to answer questions you think your customers will have or develop solutions to problems they might be facing. Ultimately, when they turn to the search engines for answers or advice, your blog post could well turn up in the search results and bring more traffic to your site.

Connect with potential customers

Many potential customers aren’t only interested in your product or service, they are interested in your expertise and customer service. They also want to be assured that what they read on your website is relevant and up to date. While your website pages may have been written some time ago, your blog can be full of new product news, updated information and answers to current questions. This can all give you an elevated status within your industry and portray you as the experts in your field. If customers find useful, up to date information, they are more likely to stay on your site than look elsewhere for answers.

A great form of communication

Comment forms on your blog posts open a new channel of communication and give your potential customers the opportunity to ask informal questions, comment on your product or service, and even give your company a pat on the back. If anybody leaves a valid comment or question, use the opportunity to assist them and demonstrate your knowledge, all the while showing them your willingness to help. Responding to comments also adds value to your post and helps other people who may read them. Comments can be negative as well as positive, but this gives you the opportunity to find out what people think are the negative points and you are then able to do something about them. It also allows you to show you are willing to listen, to learn and to help.

Open up to Social Media

Many of your potential customers will already use social media so it makes sense for you to have a social media profile too. Keeping your blog up to date means you will have interesting and stimulating content to share through social media. If you rely solely on your website giving you information to share, you’ll soon run out of new and relevant content and you could be perceived as being repetitive and lacking interest. Sharing posts from a regularly updated blog could be giving your social media followers all the information they need to make an informed decision about buying your product and using your service without the need to look elsewhere for alternatives. It also gives them the opportunity to share your posts with their followers giving you a much needed boost to your promotions and pushing them out even further into the online community.


No one likes a show-off, but your blog is a great way to let people know what you’ve been doing, businesses you’re working with awards and accreditations you’ve received etc. The merit in creating these posts is that you are sharing the things you’ve learned along the way, creating a story and making your visitors want to come back for more. Publishing this information also shows people you are an established business with real products and services to offer. This makes it easier for any potential clients to trust you with their business.

A search engine boost

The more often you post relevant content on your blog, the more often your website will be visited by the search engine crawlers and the quicker your content will be indexed. This means that any news or announcements  you post stand a far better chance of being found by prospective customers. Regular publishing will also mean the search engines will treat your website as being up to date and visitors will see it as being a valuable tool the y can visit and use time and time again.

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