Yorkshire Dales Brewery Can Labels

For over 15 years Yorkshire Dales Brewery have been making extraordinary craft ale, brewed with pride and passion, using the finest ingredients. The brewery in Askrigg, North Yorkshire, is in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, with each beer in their core range taking its name from a nearby town or landmark. For their new range, however, they wanted to create something a little different and unique. With regular special brews and collaboration brews, Yorkshire Dales Brewery are proudly independent and love what they do. They wanted to show that they are not just following the crowd, not just creating standard beers and not doing what the brewery world expected of a small craft brewery. They wanted to show off their personality and remind people that you don’t always have to conform to industry standards, and great beer can be brewed from the most unlikely sources. They reached out to us, a north-east drinks branding agency and we were delighted to help.

The Solution:

As humans, we are very visual. We knew that the brewery only had one chance to make a great first impression, so we created a range of eye-popping, colourful can designs that portrayed the lively and unique personality of the brewery team. Extravagant? Maybe, but in a competitive market full of ever-changing design trends, we needed to demonstrate how unique the beer and recipes were. Some would argue that the can label design was ostentatious and flamboyant, but we knew we had to make these stand out if only to prove that Yorkshire Dales Brewery is pushing the boundaries of experimental craft beer and ensuring customers remain excited by what they are producing.  


Competing with the latest eye-catching packaging available in bars and on supermarket shelves is something we have to consider on a daily basis. Every time we look there is something new, something eye-catching and occasionally something that makes us think, wow, that’s creative. But that only makes us push harder, be more innovative and create something that really jumps off the shelf and makes customers take notice. The designs we created for Yorkshire Dales Brewery do just that. 

The Results

The result is a visually appealing, vibrant and energetic set of designs which can be modified to suit the next beer in the range, whatever the style or recipe. These beers will stand out and catch the eye wherever they are displayed and have already become a talking point throughout the Yorkshire brewing industry. Whether your preference is for dark stout, golden ale or juicy IPA, there’s sure to be a drop you’ll enjoy!