Loch Lomond Brewery four Beer can label designs​

Loch Lomond Brewery Aldi & Lidl Range​

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Two Loch Lomond Brewery cans
Three Loch Lomond Brewery Cans
Three Loch Lomond Brewery cans
Loch Lomond Brewery four Beer can label designs​
loch lomond

The award-winning beer maker Loch Lomond Brewery had two new ranges in the works to be sold exclusively through Lidl and Aldi as part of the respective supermarket chain’s own Summer Beer Festivals. Loch Lomond Brewery required craft beer can label designs that held true to their own solid brand identity and values, but visually stood out proudly on the shelves and demanded attention against the competition from the other craft beers on display.

While Loch Lomond Brewery has such a good reputation north of the border among craft beer enthusiasts, especially having been crowned the Scottish Brewery of the Year in 2020, the labels for the cans on the supermarket shelves needed to entice the curious and stand out from the usual fare. The new Loch Lomond Brewery beer can designs have simple geometric patterns for Aldi and a colour-keyed grunge look for Lidl that grabs and holds the attention of the customer then pulls them in like a tractor beam, long enough for the beer’s name and style to convert the intrigued look into another beer added to the trolley.

With this new series of beers, we had to consider how we create a full set of cans that look like they belong to the same family but were distinguished by the customer as a variety of different styles and flavours.

We achieved this by ensuring used intriguing patterns while keeping the recognized layout of the Loch Lomond Brewery brand identity. Another consideration was the target market.

These beers had been brewed to appeal to those customers who were maybe just a little bored with the mass market lagers they have been used to and wanted to be more adventurous and try beer styles they’d never come across before.

We produced two ranges of eye-catching designs that, while instantly recognisable as being from the Loch Lomond Brewery family, stand out on the shelves thanks to some adventurous colour palettes, bold patterns and striking textures.

What our customers say…

Lemontop has proven to be the ideal creative partner for our brewery. Anything from minor amends to a whole new product design concept is delivered on time and with amazing results. Capable of taking your own design concept in your head and taking it to a new level.
George Wotherspoon
Head of Sales and Development