Loch Lomond Brewery 10 year collab

As part of their 10-year anniversary celebrations Loch Lomond Brewery, the 2020 Scottish Brewery of the Year, and famed for their collaborations with other notable breweries, wanted to do a special series to mark their decade in the industry. As a result, Loch Lomond Brewery wanted their beer label design for these partnerships to look a little different than usual.

The Solution
Instead of their usual regular design aesthetic, we opted for a more muted option typographical-wise with the focus being on the minimalist version of the Loch Lomond beer logo design, the collaborator’s own logo, and the rather spectacular images Loch Lomond Brewery had decided upon.

We kept the design as clean as we could while keeping a perspective on our target aims.

The Results

The finished range looks fantastic and, as we set out to do, focuses the eye on the stunning visuals and the brand identities of both Loch Lomond Brewery and the collaborators.

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