exit 33 the new name for the brew company

Exit 33 had already built up a successful brewery under the name “The Brew Company” but decided it was time to freshen things up and brewery relaunch under a new name. They looked to creative beer branding agency LemonTop Creative for help.

The new name was originally going to be Sky’s Edge, after the area in Sheffield where the brewery was located, but another brewery threw a spanner in the works when they decided Sky’s Edge was too close to their own name and asked for it to be changed. This was the inspiration they needed to create a completely unique, unusual and memorable name, hence Exit 33 Brewery was born. This gave the brand a true purpose as junction 33 on the motorway was the most used junction when out delivering beer. After a quick discussion, the branding changed direction and we headed down the new route. 

The Solution:

Being a creative bunch, Exit 33 had an idea in his mind but rather than impose their own thoughts on our creative process they allowed us to take the brand in a few different directions before deciding which route would be best for their vision of the brewery. Their trust in our team gave us the freedom to think creatively, not only about the name and bottle logo design but about the brand as a whole. We designed and produced a full range of promotional material, some really original and playful slogans, and most importantly, a full range of die-cut, colour coded pump clips that would make the Exit 33 beers really stand out on the bar. 


Taking the brand online wasn’t just a case of building a website. Because Exit 33 had never had an online presence before, we needed everyone to be committed to delivering the best possible online user experience. We had to make sure that visually and emotionally, it created interest, curiosity, affinity and connected customers with the brewery. The brewery played their part by starting to blog about their beers, experiences and ambitions for the brewery. They also started to answer people’s questions that they saw online, using the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge while creating loyalty and trust. Our web development team tied everything together with a visually eye-catching design which mirrored the colour pallatt of the brand and brought all the beers together in a user-friendly and informative website. 

The Results

Not the type of people to stand still, Exit 33 have continuously developed the brand over the last 12 months and have allowed us to experiment with different styles and imagery, although all staying close to the Exit 33 brand ethos. Exit 33 is a fine example of how a creative brand identity can be developed over time without losing the original company spirit, character and principles. Working with our creative team, Exit 33 have successfully moved the brand along with the times, trends and tastes of an ever-changing market which has helped make the brewery’s identity stronger and more unique than ever.  Visit the brewery here.