The Challenge

Staffordshire’s Blythe Brewery presented us with the opportunity to perform a full rebrand of the company which would see them slip away from a more traditional illustrative approach in can labels and creative logo designs to a more contemporary, confident and vibrant style. As well as the brand redesign, Blythe Brewery wanted new designs for their beer labels and a brand new brewery e-commerce website.

The Solution

Like with all great breweries, Blythe Brewery has exacting standards – both in regards to their beer and how they want their company represented. In creating their new brand identity, we started with the logo and distilled their ethos of “taste before profit” – one that eschews style over substance – into something bold yet unmistakable. The typography relays the confident approach of the brewery and the logomark gets across the passion for their craft. 

With the brand identity nailed down, we carried over the confident theme of the logo, giving it double billing with the beer itself. They wanted the label designs to stand out against their competition and we feel we’ve achieved that quite comfortably with the beer name’s having a metallic finish designed to really catch the eye of the consumer.  

The website doubles down on the positive approach and offers a bold e-commerce site that’s easy on the eye and stress-free to navigate. 


Blythe Brewery’s commitment to standards cannot be argued with, so the process of stepping away from a more traditional representation and reaching the goal of more contemporary visuals was a considerable one. 

The Results

The results are a bold brand identity that doesn’t shrink back, that stands proud and happy. The “LoveB” device sits happily on whatever situation it finds itself in due to its bold, simple and linear design and its acceptance of different palettes and textures. 
The labels are vibrant, strong and really take the eye, and the e-commerce website reflects the tenacious design work, to visit their website click here.