The Challenge:

Allotment Drinks is a new range of sparkling drinks flavoured by the British Garden. Since starting in business they have worked hard to unearth alternative flavour combinations to create a delicious range of premium mixers and craft sodas made with home-grown flavours from the British vegetable plot and garden. With such an original and modern concept, we were delighted when they contacted us to create the can label designs for their new range of 330ml cans. They felt the can label designs must have a modern, innovative feel to compete on a busy supermarket shelf, but still wanted to retain the traditional, illustrative style that their drinks brand was recognised for. 

The Solution:

We created a modern, clean look which was complemented by bright, eye-catching colours and traditional illustrations of the ingredients. Highlighting the natural ingredients was important for Allotment Drinks so we used the contrasting green icons to great effect, allowing them to really stand out and be noticed. Using white as the background allowed the customer’s eye to be taken to the beautifully illustrated ingredients, a really dynamic way to clarify what the drink is and what it contains. 

The Results

Allotments Drinks mission is to create sparkling, beautifully flavoured, 100% natural drinks using what Mother Nature has put on our doorstep. They care about supporting responsible local growers and using eco-friendly production methods, and all of this had to be portrayed in the can label design. We have created something that stands out, is uniquely different and perfectly illustrates the natural ingredients of the drinks. We are sure they will prove a massive hit as many health conscious consumers are looking for more healthy, natural and alternately flavoured drinks.