A Taste of Yarm Distillery's Finest

After creating the elegant brand identityfor Yarm Distillery and their gin bottle label designs, we knew it was only a matter of time before they expanded their range. They had been selling the original versions of their gin to customers around the country, so now was the perfect time to create a range of new flavours. We were only too happy to offer our creative services again. However, the brief came with a slight twist attached as Yarm Distillery were also branching out into Rum and would eventually have their own brand of Whisky. We were happy to help. 
The Solution

On developing the initial designs for the original range of Yarm Gin, we had created a style that was easily transferable to other flavours using simple, yet bold and unusual colours. We purposely created simple, elegant designs that would stand out amongst the many illustrative and often complicated bottles seen on pub and supermarket shelves. We needed ours to be eye-catching, and the way to do that was to be as different as possible to Yarm Distillery’s competitors. On producing the designs for the new range of flavours, we simply followed our theme, using unique colours, and it has worked perfectly. 


Although the Rum would follow the same design theme, Yarm Distillery wanted these bottles to show the history of a drink that had been universally enjoyed around the world for many years and was enjoying somewhat of a revival recently. A time-honoured bottle shape was chosen, reminiscent of the old sea-faring style used by many traditional distillers. This brought a challenge to the way our labels would be shaped around a conical bottle. However, with a little ingenuity, and a lot of patience, we accomplished our aim. 

The Results
Yarm Distillery now has a full complement of flavoured drinks they can proudly add to their diverse range. The style of the labels is different, unique and eye-catching. The Gin bottles have been married to the striking graphic theme of the original selection. A classic bottle of Rum has been transformed with an imposing design that has fused history with a modern graphic style. We’re going to have to wait until June 2023 before we get our hands on Yarm Whisky, but if the existing range is anything to go by, it will be well worth the wait. To see more of their range click here.