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3 Steps To Growing Your Business Online

With the growing overheads for all businesses here are 3 steps to growing your business online, engaging with visitors, increasing sales,  and acquiring new customers.

You don’t have to have a shop, a simple form can be just as effective for you to generate enquiries. The essential part of this is your website and ensuring that everything is set up correctly to record traffic on your website.

As your website is available 24 hours a day to visitors it needs to be able to communicate with your visitor and track their interactions when they arrive. This visitor may be looking for the service you provide, is disgruntled with their current service provider or just someone that happens to find your site. 

Step 1: Ensure your website is working and performing correctly & easy to use

Ensuring your website has everything you need to allow you to engage with your customers is essential for digital marketing. Without this, your marketing won’t be cost-effective and reduce your ability to advertise to them, Whether you have a shop, a simple form, calling your number or just browsing your site your website needs to track activity, conversions, sales, and more.

If your website is doing this then you could be missing out on being able to remarket to this audience. There are a few simple tests and checks that can verify if your site can do this.

  • Do you have Google Analytics or something similar and is it set up to collect customer traffic?
  • When someone completes a form on my website where does it go to?
  • Do I have any Google Tag, Facebook Pixel or Linkedin Tracking on my website?

Step 2: Use Facebook and Google advertising to find new customers

Digital platforms can be a great way to drive potential customers to your website providing you define clear objectives to measure. You may be looking for calls, clicks, form fills, purchases, or visitors. 

We can help define these objectives and drive traffic to your website, helping you to acquire new customers. You can control the budget in these types of campaigns so you won’t spend more than you want. Here are some tips that will help with this.

  • Do you know who your audience is?
  • What sort of budget would you look to spend per day?
  • What type of goal are you looking for, traffic, sales, or awareness?
  • How much is it worth to you to gain a new customer?

Step 3: Engage with your audience and customers using remarketing, email & social media networks.

You may be thinking I’m getting new customers’ jobs done, but there’s still more to do. Collecting emails, and recording visitors on our social media allows us to remarket to these visitors with follow-up ads, and emails based on what they looked at or bought from your website.

  • Decide on a marketing strategy that delivers worthwhile information to your audience via email, social media and PPC.
  • Don’t just sell to your audience give them useful information.
  • Remember, the more effort your customer can see you have put into what you do the better the results. 

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