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Does your drinks brand make you happy, excited, and confident?

4ts West Coast IPA Beer Branding

One of our clients initially introduced herself to us after she had been tasked with marketing her brewery’s brand to new customers and helping to grow the customer base. In the MD’s mind, he had a brewery brand that portrayed the future of the brewing industry. In reality, the brand was stuck in the past and had completely lost its competitive edge. It didn’t look like the progressive, forward-thinking brewery the MD was trying to portray and the team that was trying to promote it had lost all confidence in it. “I just can’t get excited by it,” she told us. “I need a brand that’s going to ignite a passion in our team if we’re going to persuade customers to become loyal to our brand”. The MD seemed reluctant to change. “Please, help me to persuade him we need a brand that customers can relate to and connect with” she implored.

Now, before we progress with this story, let me share something with you. The first thing to consider when developing a brand design and strategy is that loyalty to your brand comes from connecting with your customers on a personal level. As in all relationships, that connection must include trust, confidence, and an emotional attachment. Without those things, there’s no incentive for customers to be loyal to your brand and the relationship won’t last.

So, we design purpose into your brand.

On meeting the company MD, he started asking us questions like “Why do I need a new Brand? Will it really make a difference to the brewery? Where is the value in all of this?” So, we asked him one simple question.
Does your brand make you happy, excited, and confident every time you walk into your brewery?
Wow, that certainly made him sit up and listen. Nobody had asked him that before. A broad smile beamed across his face as he realised that we had just asked him the one question that he had never even considered. It began to dawn on him that the LemonTop team were going to give him something to feel excited about.

This is the part of the story where I should explain that it’s not what you do for your customers that’s important, it’s how you make them feel. Your business needs more than a competitive advantage, it needs to mean something to your customers. It’s no longer about simply providing them with a product and service, it’s all about how you make them feel, and how you enrich their lives. And it all starts with your brand design and strategy. Your brand is the personality of your product, service, and company. Its whole purpose should be to bring happiness, excitement, and confidence to both you and your customers when they interact with it or think about it.

It was all now clicking into place for the MD. The more we discussed, the more confident he became that we would help him navigate this new, purpose-driven economy and create a brand for his brewery that people can aspire to, believe in, and become loyal to. Remember, it’s not what you do for your customers that’s important, it’s how you make them feel, and we made that particular MD feel happy that he had met with us, excited by the prospect of what we were proposing and confident that we would deliver on our promise.

A unique brand purpose can differentiate you from competitors.

So, why are we telling you this story? Well, simply put, your brand is your pledge, your assurance, and your commitment to your customer. But customers want more, they want to feel an emotional connection to your brand purpose. Having a brand purpose means you have taken a stand for something, you embody a belief your customers hold dear, and you share your story with them. We can create a brand strategy that encapsulates your brand purpose and supports these positive feelings, resulting in loyal customers.

Always remember, a good brand doesn’t standstill.

So, how does the story end? Well for our client and her MD, the story is still in full flow. We may have created a new, purposeful brewery brand and identity, but at LemonTop, we look at your brand development as something that lives and grows. As your customers respond to it, your brand becomes an ever-changing entity, growing and merging with its environment. As a result, we have become specialists in creating brand identities and managing brand systems for drinks companies worldwide. Our creative team conceives more than just your visual identity, we create and develop a cohesive brand strategy that spans all media. This leads to an entire brand system that’s powerful, engaging, and inspirational on every level.

We can help you attract and retain loyal customers.

The conclusion to take away from all this is that brands with a purpose are good for customers, good for society, and good for business. We can help you get your brand purpose right, and we can help you establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

Your brewery brand should be one you and your customers can be happy, excited, and confident about. Just like having the skills to make that perfect brew find out how we took one brewery’s vision into a design reality.

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