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Darlington Markets Logo Design

Darlington Markets approached us to design a logo that represented ‘Darlington Markets’, encompassing their heritage. The logo needed to be professional, business-like, colourful, vibrant, innovative and youthful. The final logo was designed to work in various formats, platforms and across a variety of marketing material.

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Molson Coors Keg Badges & Pump Clips

As well as the very large beer brands under the UK arm of the Molson Coors mantle – like Staropramen, Madri, Carling, Miller, Coors, Caffreys – it owns a lot of small chains and pubs in London and beyond. Quite a few of these outlets have their own-label beers brewed in collaboration with the likes of Sharps, Cobra etc and therein lies the real challenge. Every badge and pump clip had to feel like it belongs in the premises, and whether that badge design reflected the hanging sign outside; the unusual history of the establishment or, indeed, elements from the style of the pub itself… everything was taken into careful consideration.

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