Why LemonTop

We chose the name LemonTop because they are refreshing and indulgent. For most of us, the name LemonTop brings back fond memories of warm sunny days, eating LemonTop Ice Cream on trips to the seaside. For some of us that’s more recent that others.

A number of shops on the North East coast sell our beloved treat, the best of which can be found at Pacitto’s on Redcar seafront. It’s easy to find, just look for the huge queue of hungry people.  The Ice Cream, velvety smooth and scrumptious  is topped with a swirl of bright and tangy lemon sorbet, adding a refreshing twist, whatever the weather.

If you’ve not tried one then we urge you to pop down for a tasty treat, or even better, give us a call to meet about a website or design work and we might even treat you to one.

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LemonTop Creative Team Shirts

It’s never “I did that”…always “We!” 

Teamwork is responsible for being able to rise to any challenge, for the rapid response to clients requests, and for the respect and trust we have for each other. Let me give you an example that illustrates why we always think like this and why teamwork is one of the core values here at LemonTop. 

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