Coronavirus – Our Approach – COVID-19

How we plan to cope as a business.

COVID-19 has become a big part of everyone’s personal and business life. Planning for the future has always been part of our objectives for business continuity. No matter what the project we are working on, please feel assured that it will be completed. We work from an office, but we can easily operate from our own homes, access all our files and maintain communication with the whole team.

Should there be forced isolation then you can still contact us by email or our office number, as this can be answered anywhere and via our mobiles?


If you are visiting us

  • If you’re feeling unwell, been in contact with someone that is unwell, or been out of the country in the last 14 days, maybe postpone your visit until you’re feeling better as what may be a slight cold for you, could translate to something much more worrying for others.
  • We can use Skype, Office Teams, Whatsapp, video, and voice calls to have meetings and communicate in groups.
  • Sanitiser gel is available in the meeting area for visitors to use.
  • Please wash your hands when you enter the building. You’ll find details on how to effectively wash your hands by the sink area in our facilities. Washing for 20 seconds should do the trick.
  • Please catch any coughs and sneezes in a tissue or the fold of your elbow. Please dispose of tissues used in one of the bins available

What we are doing

  • All our staff will thoroughly wash and sanitise hands-on entry and regularly throughout their shifts. We are stocked with anti-bac soap and sanitiser.
  • Our Team will be making sure that all regularly used surfaces are disinfected. This will include door handles, work surfaces, and the tea & coffee facilities.
  • Anyone that feels unwell or comes into contact with anyone that is unwell will be asked to work from home for 7 days as per the government stated guidelines at the time
  • Our meeting area is cleaned after use with disinfectant wipes
  • Anyone making drinks will wash their hands thoroughly and use hand gel before handling the drinks facilities
  • Keyboard and mice will be cleaned twice daily

If we are visiting, you

  • We will bring our own sanitiser and tissues.
  • Please don’t be offended if we don’t shake hands.
  • If we have been in contact with someone and might have a cold then we will let you know and probably reschedule the meeting.

Best Regards

Steve Gill

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