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Product packaging. Why is it so important?

packaging design

Product packaging is important as it is our physical contact with a brand and the design needs to reinforce the values of the customer. Hopefully, this synergy of values results in purchased items and happy customers.

Packaging design is everywhere. It’s what your fridge comes in, or your orange juice, or your tea bags, your beer, gin, vodka, pizza and your paracetamol. All the packaging designs are sometimes to an exceptional level, sometimes not, but it has still been designed and thought gone into it. So, why is packaging so important? Well, almost a third of product decision-making is based on packaging alone as isn’t just about creating the container, the graphics and the visible outer presence of the product, it could also be the first point of contact to engage with and persuade the target customer.

  • Almost a third of product purchasing decisions are based on product packaging;
  • 66% of consumers said that they tried a new product because of the product packaging;
  • 74% of 18-25 year olds would share an image of product packaging through social media. This can influence peers and increase brand exposure.
  • Here at LemonTop Creative, we’re continually given challenges in packaging design – beer bottles and cans, spirit bottles, carriers – and taking that a step further with the odd vehicle wrap. We love taking the time to devise the right designs for the right reasons.
packaging design
Orient Ale

Packaging design experts

Occasionally a curveball comes up. The colour white, for instance. Sounds innocuous, right, especially on a beer label? In the western world, white is associated with cleanliness, purity and peacefulness. In China and other Eastern cultures, however, white is linked to death and sadness and is a colour used in funerals and other mourning rituals – therefore not the go-to colour when you’re trying to sell IPA. So, what works for one market won’t necessarily work in another. At LemonTop we research the target markets and audience to make sure that everything with your product packaging is perfect for who the brand is targeting, as we did for our client Orientale. We made sure the packaging – labels and carrier – was sound for the market and that included the lack of the ubiquitous social media icons that are frowned upon in the Chinese sector.

Examples of Creative Packaging Design

One of our biggest clients, especially through the sheer volume of work is the Somerset-based Quantock Brewery. The award-winning brewers regularly require pump & keg clips for their frequent small-batch brews, plus various can label designs – including their limited edition Obsessed range that is being continued into 2022 – which means we have to continually create eye-catching and contemporary packaging designs that hook you in and make you want to try the beer.

But it’s not all just beer packaging design. Recently we received a call from Tall Tales Mysteries Investigations who wanted an identity for their brand new board game, The Death of Gideon Love, and a striking game box design to boot. With the resurgence in the popularity of board games, it’s more important than ever to create an identity with clear product packaging that stands out on the shelf. The striking design that we came up with – reminiscent of the yellow and black of police tape – really catches the eye and demands your attention.

Packaging design
The death of Gideon Love board game by Tall Tales Mysteries Investigations

Product packaging design is one of our most dynamic and captivating design services. It is an inescapable part of everyday life, yet it requires a high standard of skilled design. It motivates the consumer to try your product, ultimately creating a cycle of repeat purchasing and brand loyalty. Get it right and it even has the potential to become a collectable piece of art.

Looking for a product tpackaging that really stands out on the shelf? Give us a call or email us today and you too could be #happyaslarry

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