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The Night Before Christmas – A seasonal verse from LemonTop

Today we’ve got a very special post, this festive poem was written by our Creative Director, Arron Stoutt, and features all the beer branding designs we’ve created for our clients.

It’s the night before Christmas, the season to cheer
We need to start thinking about Santa’s beer
We know what he likes but he’s quite hard to please
The new range from Quantock, let’s try some of these.

Let’s lay out some James Blonde and Orient Ale
He likes the warm ambers but nothing too pale
In that case let’s try him on 4Ts Stout
And Slaters new Dark Side, wow, that’s got some clout.

I wonder if Santa likes LemonTop Gin
Now that’s a great way for the night to begin
And don’t forget Rudolph, and Comet and Dasher
They’ll like Rockin’ Robin…a real Christmas smasher.

But Santa’s so picky, so what do we choose
With all these great beers, we simply can’t lose
Remember Blythe Brewery, they do Santa’s Sack
He’ll need one of those, let’s add that to the stack.

And when Santa comes with a big HO HO HO
Remember to leave him some 4Ts Big Bro
He’ll be happy as Larry with lovely Yarm Gin
The perfect companion when Winter sets in.

So, what’s the best beer for Christmas, to buy
The LemonTop team say just give one a try
So, thanks to the breweries who’ve brewed all this beer
And thank you to Santa and all his reindeer

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