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Finding solutions through Covid-19

Working from home

Finding solutions through Covid Coronavirus crisis has meant changing behaviour for many businesses. As a brand design agency, we are still busy and working through the lockdown. It hasn’t been easy but we’ve adapted to a new way of working and what at first seemed a quite daunting period is now starting to look a little less scary. The fact that many businesses managed, within weeks, to radically change how they work and survive during the pandemic, proves that with a little creativity and planning ahead, we can all see beyond the many challenges we face and find solutions.

At LemonTop, we are one of the lucky ones who have kept going because of what we offer our clients. While many clients can’t open their doors to the public, we have helped them finding solutions through Covid, get their products and services online by building eCommerce websites and helping them promote their business through social media strategy and digital marketing. As you can imagine, with pubs and restaurants closed for the duration of the lockdown, many of our clients in the brewery sector have customers asking about online sales. We have created eCommerce sites for those who needed them and also had the task of modifying many existing eCommerce websites to cope with the higher than normal demand for home deliveries.

We are also fortunate in the fact that over the years, we have developed our systems so that the majority of the work we do is either created digitally or is hand-drawn by our talented team. Because we provide a digital service, we have been able to transition from office working to working from home quite seamlessly through video connections and digital communication. It took a little getting used to but I think we all agree that while there are pros and cons to this new way of working, we have all managed to carry on working as normal…well as normal as could be in the current situation.

One of our successes during this period of lockdown has been the creation of our own series of webinars in partnership with the BFBi, which is helping many of our clients, as well as many businesses in the Beer, Food and Beverage industries. Through our Top Talk Webinars, we have been able to give these businesses access to all the help and information they need. Through the platform, they have been able to help each other source supplies, give each other advice on continuing productivity and offer support to anyone who has been adversely affected by the crisis. We’ve had some great guest speakers on the webinars and we’d like to thank Ruth at the BFBi for helping us make it all happen.

We all realise now that although this period of lockdown can seem tedious and uninspiring it has also brought out the creative side of many people. The LemonTop team have used this as an opportunity to share a little knowledge through social media, to keep our blog up to date, to try to inspire people to be more creative, imaginative and adventurous.

So, while all this has been happening, we have been asking ourselves, will this be the new normal. Will home working continue and will our communication channels change forever. I’m not sure anyone can answer this with any amount of certainty at the moment but the future looks like it’s going to be really interesting and we look forward to finding out.

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