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Engineering The Mechanic Brand

The Mechanic Brewery Co Bottles, custom branded beers, personalised beers

As a new venture, The Mechanic Brewery had become disillusioned with the existing logo designs that were being produced for them and needed a fresh, new, and professional approach to the creation of their brand. They had seen our work at the annual SIBA exhibition and knew we were the people to give them something original, imaginative, contemporary and above all, different.

On contacting us, they asked us 3 questions.
“Can LemonTop offer something different?”
“Always”, we replied
“Can LemonTop create a unique brand and not just give us a boring old brewery logo?”
“Yes. Take a look at our huge portfolio of brewery brands”, we replied
“Can we have a mechanic character built into our brand?”
“A mechanic? Of course. A mechanic for the Mechanic Brewery. Let’s get started.”

This was such an exciting brief that the cogs started turning immediately and the creative ideas came bursting out. After engineering a few different ideas on logos and sketching out a variety of different characters we were excited to present such an eye-catching and unique visual identity. But…

“Hmmm!” they said. “We know we asked for the mechanic to be a part of the brand, but we like him so much…can he BE the brand?”
“No problem!” we said with confidence.

At LemonTop Creative, we believe that playing it safe is never a good idea. We believe nothing matches the power of creativity to transform ideas, brand identities, and businesses as a whole. Is it risky? Yes, sometimes…but it’s always worth it. The Mechanic Brewery wholeheartedly agreed with our philosophy, so we set to work again, this time with a clear vision of what we were trying to achieve. Creating a character that can be used and modified for different media and platforms is something we excel in. In the past we have created everything from hypnotic frogs to disco-dancing mangos so we took all of our experience and created “The Mechanic”, working the typography around his figure, and finally producing a logo that could work seamlessly throughout the entire brand identity.  

On designing the website we knew that it had to have the same illustrative characteristics and personality as the logo so we used the same style to illustrate the brewing process across the homepage, carrying the style on throughout all pages of the website. Using an illustrative style was a huge undertaking but as always, we got a real thrill out of creating something different, looking forward to the final result with anticipation.

The next stage in the brand identity was something we were specialists in, creating a series of bottle labels. At the SIBA exhibition, the brewery team had been inspired by the range of different designs we had created for other breweries and were in awe of how we kept such a wide variety of ideas flowing. The brewery were so impressed with the Brewery Process illustration that we had created for the website that they wanted to use it on the bottle labels. A tough challenge, but one we relished because, as we always say, there’s no such thing as a problem we can’t solve. The final designs established the Brewery Process illustration as the focal point, backed up by a striking array of typography and background images, all fitting seamlessly around “The Mechanic” as the central figure in the brand.

Working together with the progressive team from the Mechanic Brewery we have engineered a brand that has given the brewery an innovative, forward-thinking and invigorating identity. Yes, it’s an unusual approach, but it stands out amongst their competitors, and most importantly sticks in the mind of their customers. It has created awareness, given a massive boost to their personality, put a whole load of individuality into the brewery, and ultimately has generated sales.

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