Hand sanitiser make Yarm Distillery

Yarm Distillery is one of those companies that has adapted its work for the good of everyone and has produced an alcohol-based Hand Sanitiser, one of the items that is proving essential in our battle against the virus. The Coronavirus pandemic has provided many companies with new challenges over the past few weeks and many people have stepped up to the plate and offered solutions to the various problems that Covid-19 has brought with it. The Distillery reached out to us, a branding agency and asked us to produce a simple, informative label for the various sizes of bottle they were producing. 

Does exactly what it says on the tin!

The labels of the hand sanitiser needed to inform, yet eyecatching so we decided from the outset that a commercial illustration approach was needed, but the illustration needed to represent a serious subject with a medical look and feel, so a lot of thought went into the style, colour and subject.  It was agreed the final illustration would be straightforward and straight to the point of what was in the bottle. It was the tried and tested approach of “Does exactly what it says on the tin!” and it created exactly the kind of brand image that Yarm Distillery were hoping for. 

Legal guidelines and safety information

One of the important aspects of the hand sanitiser label design was the legal guidelines and safety information, and the placement of these on the label. Because of the importance of these, we placed them on the front of the product rather than hiding on the back as many manufacturers do. We thought this was an extremely important aspect as all of these types of product could still be harmful to young children or vulnerable people if used in the wrong way. 

Hand sanitiser that's informative & eye-catching

The end result was an informative, eye-catching set of labels, one for each different size of bottle. We succeeded in creating a brand identity that can now be developed over a whole series of different products should the need arise. Yarm Distillery successfully adapted their business to cater for the needs of the local community in a time of crisis and his ingenuity serves as a timely reminder that we can all offer solutions, no matter how big or small, that will help people during times like these. 

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