The Wynd Craft Beer Shop Brand Identity

After seeing the multitude of exciting brand identities we had created for new beers and breweries, the Wynd Craft Beer Shop approached us with a request. “We need a brand identity.” they said. “Great.” we replied, “That’s what we specialise in.” But we don’t want to play it safe…” they said “We want something different…unusual…offbeat…curiousbut still inviting…” We didn’t have to think twice about taking on the brief. A brand identity for a craft beer shop. This is the type of job we can really get a taste for.  

The Solution

The Wynd wanted their brand to be unique and they knew that to get exactly what they wanted meant allowing us to use our creativity to the fullest. We began by looking at playful typefaces, unusual colours and offbeat logo design. We created icons, hand-drawn typefaces, typographical logos and illustrative designs but the one that really stood out was a symbol design combining the W-C-B letters. Using the symbol design would also allow it to be easily transformed into social media logos and signage, bringing everything together as a cohesive and instantly recognisable brand identity. 


Colour was a huge consideration, as whichever colour we chose would be used on the shop front and would need to be approved by council planners and community groups. This made us quite nervous at first as we had chosen a deep turquoise and golden yellow. The colours themselves were vibrant and modern but would they be allowed to enhance the shop front in such a prominent spot on the high street? We needn’t have worried, everybody was more than happy to allow the shop to go ahead and brighten up the area. 

The Results

The Wynd Craft Beer Shop were delighted that we had taken their brief and delivered exactly what they were looking for. The symbolic logo is matched in its uniqueness by the offbeat typefaces and inviting colours, bringing together a bold, colourful and strikingly creative look. The Wynd Craft Beer Shop now has a unique, vibrant and timeless brand identity. 

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