Slater’s Ales Sharp New Designs

Slaters Ales asked us to create some eye catching label designs for their new canned range. A simple request, but from the outset they told us they wanted something unusual, something that would stand out on the shelf, and something that would make people think differently about their ales. Slaters had always been known for creating unique flavours and have won awards for many of their Ales, so they wanted something quite unique for their new canned range. Our job was to apply our beer branding experience and design something that no one had seen before, and we relish this type of challenge. 

The Solution

Making sure Slaters Ales stood out in a sea of innovative illustrative labels, and tantalising typographical designs made us delve deep into our creative mindset. We knew they had to be different, so we tried a variety of unusual shapes, textures and typography. After a few experiments we realised we could achieve our aim if we could somehow create a three-dimensional texture on a flat label, something that made people want to actually pick it up and feel it. The sharp, overlayed triangular pattern we created was a real breakthrough, allowing us to wrap the can in what looked like triangular indentations. 


We had to ensure this came across as a series of ales, not individual cans. We achieved this by utilising the same design in a variety of eye-catching and vibrant colours, bringing them together with bold typographical numbers, rather than the traditional name styles used on most bottles and cans. An even bigger consideration was that although the style we had created was ultra-modern, we had to make sure the traditional Slaters Ales logo could work as part of the overall design. 

The Results

The eye-catching colours and three-dimensional look of the cans really jump off the shelf. We have created a range that can stand out and be noticed amongst the myriad of different cans they sit next to. The pattern we created shouts out and the bold typography shines through, giving the customer a bold and beautiful design they’ll want to pick up and try. Visit their website to the range of beers.