The Challenge

As a follow up to their extremely successful Around the World Series, Quantock Brewery asked us, a drinks branding agency, to create designs for 12 beers from their past, present and future ranges. Each month through 2020 they will travel back and forth through time, brewing these beers and showcasing the best of hops from around the world. Each beer is designed to highlight the unique flavour characteristics of each time period and encourage patrons to taste the past successes of the brewery and look forward to what they can expect from the future. 


We created three separate identities for the series, Past, Present and Future, followed by a promotional time-travelling leaflet to showcase the year’s exciting lineup of beers. Upon opening the leaflet, the reader is taken on a journey through time, jumping back and forth through a celebration of the brewery’s best beers. This gatefold leaflet opens to reveal four full panels of our completely original, illustrated pump clip designs, representing the 3 delicious time periods on the flavour-packed journey through time. Each beer has a description sure to whet the appetite of the reader, as well as a section listing the hops responsible for each flavourful offering. It’s packed with a feast of flavours for everyone from the historians among us, to the modern trendy craft beer lovers and even fast forwards to the sci-fi geeks who want to see the future of the craft beer scene. 


The 3 parts of the series have their own separate identities but we had to ensure they were still an integral part of the overall Quantock Brewery brand identity and could comfortably integrate the existing brewery logo into each individual design. 

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