Purity Brewery

The Challenge:

Purity is an award winning craft brewery established in 2005, but for a company with their finger on the cultural pulse, their website hadn’t kept up to date with the times. So we set about bringing their web presence to life!

The Solution

We created an interactive mobile friendly website design for Purity, which incorporated all of the beautifully illustrated mascots from their pump clips. This resulted in a website more in line with the spirit of the Purity brand as a whole.

We Provided:

An extensive site map which shed light on how the website was set to develop, followed by a fully refreshed website, along with baked-in web hosting and extensive web support.

The Results:

The new Purity website is contemporary, entertaining and user friendly, and the mobile experience ties in beautifully with the desktop site. Purity’s mascots speak directly to the sites visitors as they interact within an eyecatching scene. By daring to be different, the website has become a virtual destination worth visiting.