launching a new brand Identity for rare rockets!

The Countdown started with Brand Development.

When Rare Rockets approached us for a new brand identity for Rare Rockets, they didn’t even have a name. As a creative brand design agency, we get excited when someone comes to us with a unique proposition and something out of the norm that allows us to let our creative juices flow.  Working with the deaf community as interpreters, community advocates and training ambassadors, the field they were in was regarded as serious and corporate but from the beginning they knew they didn’t want a traditional brand identity. They wanted something different, unique, and fun. They wanted their brand identity to have a welcoming and friendly personality, promoting the life-changing services they offer. After all, their message was all about helping the deaf community realise


A strong brand name is vital in establishing a strong brand identity

The name Rare Rockets was born from the fact that despite the preconceptions of the disadvantages the deaf community faces, there is no limit to what they can achieve. They wanted to promote the fact that even though deaf and hearing-impaired people were in the minority, they can soar to new heights in everything they do. After meeting with the team for an in-depth briefing into what they hoped to achieve, we realised the passion and enthusiasm they had for their work and the people they have helped was an inspiration to us all. We realised that they were aiming as high as they could and wanted to go far beyond what other companies were offering. Then it all clicked and fell into place. Rockets can soar to the greatest of heights and take you to exciting new worlds. So Rare Rockets was born, and we set about creating a brand identity with its own unique, uplifting and vibrant personality. 

We had a little fun creating a brand mascot. 

Personality plays a big part in all brand development and the Rare Rockets team are all big personalities in their own right. We decided to have a little fun with this and created a custom illustration of a character who could work as the brand mascot for Rare Rockets. CEO Craig was delighted with the custom character mascot we created, based on him, with his trademark brightly coloured hearing aids, mop of thick curly hair, and the ever-present smile beaming from his face. Users of the Rare Rockets service, whether they are individuals or businesses, can relate to a character who lives in their world, and faces the same obstacles they do. 

The result was an eye-catching and unique brand identity. 

The result of our brand development strategy was an exciting, eye-catching and unique brand identity that stood out amongst competitors and created a distinctive and personal look and feel. Having a brand mascot means your audience is more likely to commit your brand’s personality to memory rather than just remembering your logo design or promotional material. Our custom illustration for the Rare Rockets brand mascot with his unique and memorable personality enhances the brand’s presence It also opens up all sorts of exciting opportunities, including licensed products. We have created a brand identity with its own unique, uplifting and vibrant personality, and utilising our brand development strategy, we have helped Rare Rockets open up its new brand identity to multiple markets.