Globus Metal Powders

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Globus Powder Metals required a new brand to make it stand out in the market and target its audience within the manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, oil, gas, and industrial sectors. It needed to be bold, bright and clean with a global appeal to reassure clients. 

Globus Powder Metals is a company that is renowned for delivering high-quality metal powders to its customers. They understand the importance of providing top-notch powders, especially to customers who are working in the most challenging, demanding, and mission-critical environments.

The company produces a wide range of metal powders that are optimised for specific applications. They also offer customisation options that include powder size distribution and chemistry adjustment, as well as new alloy development.

Globus Powder Metals is committed to innovation and strives to be the partner of choice for its customers. Drawing on a wealth of metallurgical knowledge and expertise that spans over 100 years, the company has a dedicated team that specialises in near-net shape powder metallurgy. They have developed powder ranges that are optimised for use in Additive Manufacturing and PM-HIP.

Globus Metal Powders has unveiled its new logo design and brand identity, which reflects a corporate and professional approach while also exuding warmth and uniqueness. The new brand is versatile and can be used effectively across all platforms, both in print and online. Additionally, the company has introduced a range of new marketing materials and a clear, concise website design to ensure a consistent and memorable brand experience.

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