Fresh, new designs for Quantock’s innovative new beers

The Challenge:

Quantock Brewery recently invested in a brand new, UK-manufactured canning line to give the team greater flexibility to bring to market new beers and keep up with demand for their already popular craft can core range. Now that the canning line is fully operational, the talented brewing team have been working on a new range of contemporary small-batch beers and asked LemonTop to create some completely fresh, new and innovative label designs for their new, innovative beers. The last couple of years have seen a boom in beautifully designed craft beer cans so it’s safe to say we had a big task ahead of us. 

The Solution:

The Quantock team wanted something bright and colourful to highlight their mix of different tastes blended into the new beers. However, with the trend in highly illustrative label designs becoming more prevalent over the last 12 months we knew we had to think differently if we were to stand out. We decided to use this illustrative trend to our advantage by simplifying the entire process, stripping the can bare and letting the shapes, colours and patterns speak for themselves. No big text shouting out to the customer, just eye-catching geometric designs portraying the flavours and aromas of these radical new recipes. 


With this new series of beers, we had to consider how we create a full set of cans that look like they belong to the same family but were distinguished by the customer as a variety of different styles and flavours. We achieved this by ensuring we used as wide a palette of colours as possible without straying too far away from the traditional Quantock brand identity. Another consideration was the target market. These beers had been brewed to appeal to those customers who were maybe just a little bored with the mass market lagers they have been used to and were now getting into the craft beer scene. 

The Results

We produced a range of instantly eye-catching designs that were immediately appealing, dramatically striking and imposed their identity on everything around them. These new, abstract designs captured the essence and underlying character of the new beers they were holding, boasting the intrinsic quality and innovation of a product that is sure to entrance drinkers and foster the beginning of a whole new craft beer scene. 

quantock brewery

What our customers say…

“It’s an absolute pleasure working with LemonTop Creative! Their commitment to delivering top-notch solutions and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible is truly inspiring. Their attention to detail, combined with their out-of-the-box thinking, consistently results in exceptional outcomes that leave a lasting impact. This is due to their genuine passion for their work, which is evident in every interaction and project. Working with LemonTop Creative has been an invaluable experience due to their professionalism, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence, making them the go-to choice for any creative project. I can confidently say that LemonTop Creative is not just a team of professionals; they are partners who go above and beyond to bring dreams to life. If you’re looking for a creative powerhouse that will elevate your brand and captivate your audience, look no further than LemonTop Creative.”
Cheryl - Quantock Brewery