The weather never wins!

The weather never wins. Nothing stops me but sometimes…willpower is not enough. DriKit gives me the power to push on…and let nothing hold me back. I’m prepared for the worst. Bad weather?…Bring it on!

Be first out and last in.

Drikit is a range of waterproof, tough and lightweight sports accessories that are the new combatant in Britain’s obsessive war with the weather. Every Drikit item is designed to allow you to participate in your sport in all weather conditions. Whatever the weather, whatever the activity, Drikit’s purpose is to enable you to go further, go longer, be first out and last in.

A new fresh line of sports accessories.

Active lifestyle sports such as running, cycling etc have steadily become much more popular than mainstream sports, such as football, cricket etc. Brand loyalty among the active lifestyle market is strong, where participants often stick with a brand they feel comfortable in. The decrease in the number of speciality stores in the UK and internationally provided an opportunity to introduce a new, fresh line of sports accessories with a unique selling point like DriKit.

Creating an active lifestyle brand.

Our goal was to develop a high-quality brand design targeted at the active lifestyle market. From the outset, the whole DriKit range was designed to be fully waterproof so the brand identity needed to show this. The logo was hand-drawn to portray the uniqueness of the DriKit products. We used three circles to represent water but they always remain above the DriKit name, never touching it, to portray the impenetrable waterproof aspect of the brand. The idea to use the three circles as a prominent feature in the logo enabled us to use these as separate, recognisable elements on individual products and because of the simplicity of these elements, they work really well as a balanced, recognisable and unique social media icon or app icon.

A high quality brand.

To maintain a quality image, rather than being big bold and brash, the DriKit logo is subtly used on all accessories including watches, earphones, lights & torches, backpacks and phone cases. Starting the venture with products like these means we can operate a “one size fits all” system ensuring stock is always readily available.

The weather never wins.

Be first out and last in wearing DriKit’s range of waterproof sports accessories, the new combatant in Britain’s obsessive war with the weather.