Branding ‘like a BOSS’ for Boss Brewing

Boss Brewing wanted to rebrand their brewery away from the traditional brewery look they had been using for so long. They wanted their brand to be just be daring, in fact, they wanted something completely different, unusual and something that would make their customers (and competitors) sit up and take notice.

Bold & Ambitious

Boss Brewing’s ethos of having fun and a sense of humour, being bold and ambitious and making truly glorious lagers and ales were a great foundation to produce a truly eye-catching brand. So the idea of creating powerful, superhuman comic book characters based on the Boss team really sparked imaginations. Now that the basis of an idea had been born, it was time to bring the characters to life.

The new brand covered everything

After creating a full range of superhuman Boss team characters, including Esme, we went on to design all the promotional material, POS and marketing material for the brewery. The new brand covered everything from pump clips and bottle labels, through to posters, signage and merchandise. The brand was further developed to include a collage of all the characters to be used on the delivery vans to ensure they were seen far and wide.

Exceeded Expectations

The bright and eye-catching brand captures the ethos of Boss Brewing and the visual impact is truly stunning, especially when viewing the full range together. Creating the Boss Brewing brand allowed us to be truly creative both illustratively and graphically. The resulting brand has given a fresh new look to an already established range of beers and has the firm foundation to push to a new and exciting level.

Managing Director Sarah

“Working with a branding agency like LemonTop has played a big part in our business development, opening up new markets for us and creating brand awareness in communities not only across Wales, but throughout the UK.”
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