The Challenge

Recently, we had the pleasure of rebranding the BFBI- the only international trade association representing the entire value chain supplying the food & drink industry worldwide. However, If you’re going to be recognised for what your know, it helps if your brand image instils confidence. If your brand looks dated, it can make your company feel irrelevant. The BFBI brand designs needed a complete overhaul.

The Solution

So, what could we do? Well, we started by creating a brand identity that sang the benefits of the BFBi, bringing the industries together to be seen and heard. The custom logo design features a modern, custom typeface. The bands of colour emanating from the ‘I’ represent a united voice, with a different colour for each of the industries.

The Power Of Colour

By giving the BFBI these additional colours, we’ve extended the visual language of the brand, making it easier to signpost their expertise about each industry. So, when they’re talking about the brewing industry, they can use green to signify this; they can use pink when they’re talking about the food industry and blue when they’re talking about the beverage industry.

Vibrant Marketing Material

This informed vibrant promotional material, which we created to drive recruitment and put the ethos of the BFBI across. These were colour coordinated for each industry…for instance, leaflets that target individuals within the food industry.

Adaptable By Design

This was all applied to a striking range of promotional material. Essentially, if you’re going to be known for what you know, it helps to have a tone of voice that is inspiring, informative, and above all, relevant. The BFBI have been able to achieve this tenfold with their new brand.