The Challenge:

4T’s is a brand that stands for beer and belly laughs in equal measure. We had already helped 4T’s make their brand’s personality shine through with the creation of some wildly original illustrated characters for their range of beers. Now it was time to put our creative skills to the test and create an eCommerce website that echoed what we had done and allowed 4T’s to inject the same audacious sense of humour into their online marketing.

The Solution:

The larger-than-life character designs provide 4T’s with an eye-catching mascot for every one of their brews, so we knew from the start that our background design needed to be clean and uncomplicated. Using the simplest of colour palettes and a flat, graphical style in our layout gave the colour and personality of each hand drawn character a chance to really shine through and has helped the website spring to life. Simple and easy to use navigation with clearly defined paths to each product made for a clear and effortless user experience. This in turn meant that customers were confident in using the site as their first port of call when buying 4T’s beer. 

The Results

The finished article is a beautifully designed and illustrated website which has brought out and embellished the wonderfully madcap personality of 4T’s Brewery. It has given 4T’s another avenue for sales, as well as a platform to tell their story and promote their entire range. The simplicity of use, coupled with the captivating collection of characters has seen the website receiving high praise from 4T’s existing customers, and also from newcomers to the brand. With an in-built CMS system, it can now be built upon and enhanced with every new addition to their range. 4T’s now have the perfect stage to promote their marketing strategy, which has always been based on humour, allowing them to enhance brand recall and take advantage of the new ecommerce process.

4T’s Online shop

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