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Creating the magical makeover of Welsh brewer Tomos Watkin

The new owners of the well-known Welsh brewery, Tomos Watkin, have recently revealed a brand new identity for the company. Inspired by the mythical tales of dragons and wizards that are heard throughout the Welsh valleys, the new branding has given Tomos Watkin a fresh look for their next chapter. Founded in 1996, the Tomos Watkin brand has been rejuvenated by Joelle and Sarah Drummond, who also established Drop Bear Beer Co. in 2019. They purchased the brewery in August 2023.

We drew inspiration from the enchanting Welsh valleys and their mystical stories of dragons and sorcerers to create a fresh brand identity for the brewery. The new owners of the brewery wanted to appeal to modern-day beer drinkers while also honouring its legacy, so they gave the brewing industry’s design specialists creative freedom to give the brand a magical makeover. The relaunched brand not only celebrates the brewery’s heritage but also paves the way for an exciting future for Tomos Watkin as a leading light in the Welsh brewing industry.

Tomos Watkin has launched a new range of beers that includes their traditional favourites, Cwrw Haf, Blodwen and Magic Lagyr, along with two new additions, Dragon’s Keep IPA and Miner’s Pride. These latest additions are designed to attract new customers. Stouts and IPAs have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. The new owners are thrilled to add these styles to their core range, which will update the range of beers on offer and increase growth potential.

Joelle Drummond, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Tomos Watkin, collaborated closely with our creative team to develop the brand’s new identity. Being a native of Swansea, Joelle was already familiar with the history of Tomos Watkin Brewery and desired to further enhance the essence of the brand’s legacy. Having previously worked with us on branding and promoting Drop Bear Brewing, Joelle was confident that the agency could assist her in beginning a new chapter with Tomos Watkin.

We presented our concepts in an illustrative style designing a brand with an imaginative and magical vibe. The brand features a range of characters such as wizards, farmers, miners, and cockle pickers, all united by the famous Welsh red dragon. By using the dragon as a central character, we created a connection between the label designs, pump clips, and packaging. Additionally, the brand incorporated hidden elements that transitioned between the designs, creating a cohesive and captivating theme.

Tomos Watkin Brewery recently unveiled its new brand identity that beautifully captures the essence of Wales. The refreshed visual identity showcases stunning imagery that perfectly represents each beer’s unique spirit and evokes specific emotions. We gave paramount importance to showcasing this imagery prominently through a series of beautifully designed beer bottles, pump clips and packaging that are all mesmerizing and captivating. Each bottle tells a unique story that not only captures the essence of the beer but also celebrates the brewery’s rich Welsh heritage.

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