Small World Beers

Summer Bank

Small World Beers

After experimenting with different shapes and researching competitors, we decided an irregular yet neat pump clip, along with an illustrative design was the way forward. We drew out a number of shapes and illustrations allowing Dave to choose a style that he wanted to use throughout his whole range of 12 beers.

Custom Illustrations

The illustrations we created drew inspiration from the travel posters of the 1930’s, using a flat graphic style and embellished colours to create a scenic landscape of the West Yorkshire hills and its landmarks. Going a step further, the completed designs were printed using a metallic finish which gave a superior, high quality look and feel to the entire range. However, we decided to go even further and added a resin coating which resulted in a dramatic, elegant and striking range.

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Thunderbridge Stout

Twin Falls

Winter Bank

Spring Bank

Spike's Gold

Autumn Bank


Harvest Muse

Long Moor Pale

Barncliffe Bitter


Call us today on 01325 311177 or to send us a brief…