Inter-national Trade

Creative Design Services for global brands. #happyaslarry

International Trade Design Services

Distance doesn’t matter! Don’t get us wrong, we’d love to meet you, but the world is fully connected. We can talk through skype, email, social media…communication is so easy. We can offer print, press, digital design and website services and we have access to a whole network of suppliers. You can feel safe in the knowledge that the work will be done on time, on budget and to the very highest standard. We have worked with many brands around the globe, efficiently and successfully.

When selling your product in international markets there are a number of different factors you must take into consideration including colour taboos, consumer’s cultural backgrounds, advertising regulations and routes to market. For example, what colours attract the Chinese consumer? What do the Japanese look for in packaging? How important is recycling in the USA? LemonTop can answer all of these questions and ensure your products will engage and attract your target market.

Or maybe you have a product you are trying to sell in the UK. We ensure all of your branding, marketing material and promotional items will engage and attract UK consumers and meet all UK trade requirements.

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