See how we gave a new identity to a brewing island.

Even though we are separated by over 300 miles, LemonTop have just completed the rebranding and design of Urban Island Brewery’s corporate identity, along with the promotional material and packaging for their full range of beers.

Distance was never an issue for brewery owners Hayley and Guy. They had seen what LemonTop had done for other breweries throughout the UK and wanted their brand, bottles, and promotional material to have that unique LemonTop flavour.

Hayley asked us to create some new designs for their pump clips. Something unusual using bright, eyecatching colours that would stand out on a crowded bar. Both Hayley and Guy are passionate about brewing to the highest quality possible and keeping the flavour consistent every time. The pump clips needed to portray this passion, needed to be consistent across the entire range of beers and needed to show there was a quality beer behind them. We went on to create a full range of bottle designs based on the pump clips, even having a hand in choosing the shape of the bottles.

Urban-Island-PostersA little bit about Urban Island

On a snowboarding holiday in December 2011, sat drinking in a Canadian bar, Guy mulled over the idea of brewing his own beer for a living. The owner of the Banff Avenue Brewing Co micropub told Guy it was a great lifestyle as he could do all the brewing he wanted and still had time to snowboard when he pleased.Those thoughts continued when Guy, a keen kitesurfer and surfer, returned to the UK. His grandfather George had been a cooper at the Gales Brewery. Guy had grown up around brewing and the brew industry so the thoughts were never going to go away. At 40 years old, he decided the time was right, but only if Hayley agreed to it. She was pregnant with their first child at the time, but jumped at the chance to take on such a challenge.

They found their premises in July 2013. It was in an industrial unit in Limberline Spur, Hilsea, Portsmouth. It took 2 years of hard work designing and creating the brewery but they were rewarded with their first brew in June 2015 when they started producing DSB for Dolly, Guy’s nan, who was celebrating her 100th birthday. By early 2016, Guy’s surfboard had hardly touched the water because he was brewing 1,600 pints a week, while Hayley spent her time visiting different pubs across the region persuading them to buy Urban Island beers and serve it up to the punters.

Urban Island Beer is now in pubs throughout the South of England. We put it down to a lot of hard work, brewing beers with a consistent quality and producing flavours that really excite people whether they are seasoned ale drinkers or just trying something new and different.

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