Easigrass Gazebo Design

Easigrass Gazebo

As part of our ongoing work with Easigrass we recently designed a Gazebo for them to use at shows and exhibitions throughout the year.

The design is printed directly onto the canvas and certainly helps it stand out from the usual plain covers that most stands have.

[button title=”Find out more by getting in touch here ” url=”https://www.lemontopcreative.com/portfolio/print/easigrass/” size=”l” bg_color=”#4FC2C7″ text_color=”#FFFFFF” target=”_self” url=”https://www.lemontopcreative.com/portfolio/print/easigrass/”]See some more of the work we’ve done for Easigrass here. [/button]

[button title=”Find out more by getting in touch here ” url=”https://www.lemontopcreative.com/portfolio/print/easigrass-sport/” size=”l” bg_color=”#4FC2C7″ text_color=”#FFFFFF” target=”_self” url=”https://www.lemontopcreative.com/portfolio/print/easigrass-sport/”]See some more of the work we’ve done for Easigrass Sport here. [/button]


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