Nice to see some clients in FHM Magazine

We’ve just seen a couple of photos of some of our clients in the latest issue of popular Lads mag FHM. There’s an article on British beers that you have to try in 2013 which includes bottles from Magic Rock Brewery, Hardknott Brewery, Marble Brewery and Anarchy Brew Co, there’s also an advert for another of our clients Ales by Mail.

Check out the photos above and below for the article, thanks to @hardknottdave and @coachbridgend for the photos.  If you’d like to find out more about the work we’ve done for the breweries in question along with some of our other clients then take a look at our work

As you can imagine we love seeing our clients and our work in magazines so if you spot any that we miss please let us know by tweeting us or facebooking us

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