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Bikewise Easter Egg Run 2012

After a cold and damp start, the 2012 Bikewise Easter Egg Run turned out to be a day of great fun with close to 1000 bikes taking part. It was the first time I had taken part in the event and, upon arrival at our meeting point at Carville, I was astounded at the sights and sounds of the bikes, the riders in fancy dress and the camaraderie it was already generating.

The idea was simple. Ride from Durham to Darlington Memorial Hospital, drop off Easter Eggs and donations to the children’s wards, then ride back to Durham Hospital and do the same. In reality, the Durham Police Motorcycle team and all the volunteer marshals had their work cut out organising such a massive event, stopping the traffic and ensuring that 1000 bikes completed the run without incident. They all did a fantastic job and our thanks go to them for making the day truly memorable.

Riding through the villages between Durham and Darlington in convoy was quite an eye-opener. Not just because all we could see in front and behind was bikes, but because of the amount of people lining the streets, waving, clapping, taking photographs and cheering us on. This happened all the way to Darlington Memorial Hospital. I didn’t expect that and it showed just how much people of the North East supported what we were doing. We were joined by many new riders on the way, increasing what was already a massive convoy of bikes, trikes, and scooters. On arrival at the hospital, we filled the car park and took a rest while we chatted to old friends and made some new ones. Some were in fancy dress, some were just enjoying a Sunday ride out, but all of them were united in such a good cause.

After a steady ride back to Durham, and with the weather now brightening up, we arrived at the University Hospital of North Durham in the warm sunshine to complete the second leg of the event. Everyone was in good spirits and enjoying what had become a really successful event. We walked around the car park and realised just how diverse the range of bikes, scooters and other vehicles were. Some with sidecars, some all dressed up, and one with a trailer for the family dog, who promptly jumped out of the way as I tried to take his photograph (he was there, honest).

Last stop was Durham Police Headquarters at Ayckley Heads, Durham. We enjoyed a few refreshments, some lighthearted conversation and a well earned rest. The whole day had been enjoyable from start to finish and we’d like to thank the Durham Constabulary Bikewise team and everyone who volunteered their services for organising a fantastic event. We’ll definitely be participating in next years Easter Egg Run and I’d like to send a message out to all North East bikers to join us and make it the biggest and best Easter Egg Run yet.

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